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From: Greg
Subject: Farmer Seth by Uncle Greg (Gay/rural) (Anal)(Usual disclaimers apply)"Hey, Mister - do you think you could use your
tractor to pull my car out of a ditch?"I looked down at the face of a young man from the
city. His flesh was pink from the cold but his
eyes were bright. I felt a familiar stirring in
my loins and cursed softly under my breath. I
loved farming but had spent far too much time on
my own. I struggled to control my emotions."Where did you ditch her?" I asked.The stranger pointed towards Clifford's Lane, a
notorious trouble-spot. Young men and fast cars
had been known to end up there before and not all
had walked away from it."Seth Hedley", I said, holding out my paw."Danny Heron" he replied. His handshake was soft."Tractor's in the shed", I told him.We walked companionably from the house to the
shed where I started up the tractor. I motioned
for Danny to climb onto the safety-bar and showed
him where to hang on.When we reached the ditch it only took a few
minutes to attach chains to his pretty red Morris
Minor and then carefully pull it back onto the
gravel road. Danny got behind the steering-wheel
and the engine started, first try."Thanks!" he yelled.I looked at him without a smile."Thanks don't run this outfit", I rumbled. Not
that I wanted payment but I did like teasing city
folk. Besides, there was a war on."I don't have any money on me", he said, looking
a bit embarrassed. "Can I come up to the house
and see if we can work something out?"I nodded and set off on the tractor. When I got
to the house the russian lolitta pussy freesite
sporty red Morris was parked
outside the house and looking as though it
belonged there.Danny followed me inside."You live here on your own?" he asked cp loli child model me."Uh, huh", I said giving nothing away.He looked at the pile of unwashed dishes on the
sink."Expect it gets a bit lonely up here?" he said."Yeah", I replied with feeling. "Don't go bending
over in front of me or I might lose control if
you know what I mean".Danny gave me a look of comprehension and then
said: "Actually, I wouldn't mind that at all".I gulped at the thought of having my way with
this young man."Seriously?""Sure! It'll be payment for all your trouble.
Besides, I could do with one. Where do you want
me?""Uh, over the end of that couch. It's warm in the
kitchen - freezing in the bedroom".He started to get undressed."I'll just get something from the bathroom".I rushed down the hall and collected a tub of
petroleum jelly. When I returned to the warmth of
the kitchen Danny had dropped his trousers and
was bent over the end of the sofa, his plump bare
bottom sticking up in the air. He moved and his
bum-cheeks opened revealing his hairless crack. I
swear his brown puckered hole winked at me.My fingers were all thumbs as I tried to unbutton
my flies and then my braces. There was an
disagreeable smell emanating from my visitor. The
year was 1943 when men only had a bath once a
week yet this one reeked of cheap perfume.Danny watched my reflection in the mirror by the
table."That's a big 'un", he said admiringing my penis
which stood out, stiff as a poker from its nest
of brown pubic hairs. I might be 30 but I wasn't
exactly 'passed it'.I took some petroleum jelly and penetrated my
visitor's hole with a finger. His spincter muscle
gave way easily, allowing me into his hot tunnel."You're not the first", he said. "Not by a long
shot. How else do you thing someone like me could
afford to buy a car like that?"There was a whine in his voice which was
disagreeble. Worse, the lax inner-muscles in
Danny's bum-hole did not pulsate around my
finger. I removed it and wiped it on his
shirt-tails."Then you won't mind if I do it hard?""If you must". That whine really was aggravating.So, I plunged all eight inches of my uncut dick
into that waiting hole. Without giving him a
chance to adjust to the sensation of having my
big pole lodged up his rectum, I started riding
his rump. I must say that for a town boy he took
it well and forbidden at lolita pics he even half-heartedly wriggled his
plump behind to meet my thrusts. I slapped his
bum a few times with my hand to show him who was
boss.My bbs preteen lolitas models
visitor displayed no reaction at all.I then used my hand to fondle the nape of his
neck and gently stroke his flanks. All the while
my big dick was poking his hole with long, hard
thrusts.From past experience I knew it would take me at
least 30 minutes of hard fucking before I emptied
my balls up his shitter. But this boy was so
loose back there so it might take even longer. I
slapped his bum with frustration because his
fuck-tunnel was so wide my dick could barely
touch the sides.I thought back to my first time with Tony the
drifter who stayed with teen girl lolita photo me a few nights and who
let me up his arse instead of paying rent. He was
a beautiful young man with a tight sphincter.
Once inside Tony's chute, powerful muscles
swirled around my dick and it felt like his tight
tunnel was lined with warm, thick velvet.The smell of Danny's sickly perfume mixed with
something rancid from his insides made me call
the whole thing off."It's no good", I muttered pulling out of Danny's
gaping hole. "I've got other things on my mind".The man slowly got off the sofa. His little
diddle was limp beneath its few straggly pubic
hairs."I can do you with my mouth", he said in that
thin, whiny voice."No", I replied, pulling on my trousers. "Thanks
all the same".He stood there naked."Better get dressed", I said.Danny did as he was told. Then shook my hand."Sorry ... ""That's ok", I said abruptly. "Some other time".I steered him towards the door and into his flash
car. It started on the first pull of the ignition
and he was away, the car out of my drive and him
out of my life.The farm chores seemed more onerous than usual.
Having a raging hard-on did not help. I know what
you're thinking, why not use my hand to relieve
the problem ? I thought I might well have to
resort to that before nightfall.I was shifting bales of hay in the barn near the
house when a shadow fell across the shaft of
late-afternoon sunlight coming in the open door.
I looked up and it was Adam Clayton, the 19 year
old son of my next door neighbour.The young man grabbed hold of a heavy bale and
flung it on top of the pile. We worked
companionably side-by-side until the work was
done. I admired the muscles rippling under his
tight shirt and also his still boyish-looking
buttocks. Adam had one of those glorious
jutting-out arses you lolitas underground pay sites sometimes see on adolescent
males. Adam hadn't grown out of his yet."Mum sent me over to remind you to come for
Sunday dinner", Adam said in his deep voice."Tell her I wouldn't miss one of her dinners for
all the world".Adam looked a bit serious."There was something else, Seth". He shuffled his
feet. "I came over earlier but when I looked in
the kitchen window I could see you were .. busy".My stomach turned to ice. Adam had seen me
attempting to fuck that plump little bastard
Danny. I've heard that a drowning man's life
flashes before him and it was a little like that
for me. But then Adam's voice cut through the
mists, bringing me back to reality."Seth, it's alright. I - I've done man stuff with
Carl".I remembered Carl. A good looking man about my
age."And I liked it a lot". Adam's face softened as
he remembered what they had done together. "We
gave each other a few good ones up the bum but
then his lot were posted overseas".I had to stop Adam from talking so I kissed him
right on the lips. His mouth opened and our
tongues intertwined. His hand gently felt my hard
cock which was straining my trouser-buttons. My
fingers touched the rough fabric of his trousers
covering his crack.Adam pulled away from me and unbuttoned his
braces. His trousers and underpants fell to the
floor and he stepped out of them. He grabbed hold
of a rail with his hand and bent over, offering
me his glorious buttocks.I was only human and shucked out of my work
clothes. I found the tub of petroleum jelly I
used at lambing time and approached my neighbour.
My finger penetrated his trench and found his
hole. I entered him with my finger, noting with
approval that his sphincter was tight enough to
pulsate around it.Adam lifted one foot a placed it on bbs preteen lolitas models a hay-bale
allowing me full access to his hole. I removed my
finger and replaced it with my rock-hard cock. I
breached his sphincter. God it was tight! The man
pushed back onto my swollen plallus until it was
fully encased inside his rectum."Oh!" he gasped."Are you ok?""Just give me a minute. You're a lot bigger than
Carl".While I waited for him to adjust I breathed in
the healthy man-smell of him. No sissy perfume -
just honest-to-god sweat. My cock twitched inside
his hot, tight tunnel."OK', he whispered.I started to thrust, slowly at first but then
picking up speed. Adam moved under me and the
sensation was incredible. His tube fitted around
my old-fella like a glove. I started thrusting
hard and felt Adam buck under me.Then I did something which surprised even myself.
I pulled out of my neighbour's warm, obscene,
intimate fundament. He turned towards me."What's the matter?" There was concern in his
voice."Shhhh" I replied and kissed him again. Our
tongues cp loli child model interwined forbidden at lolita pics and I felt his big, uncut dick
press against me. Without saying a word I turned
and bent over, grabbing hold of the rail which
was still damp from the sweat in Adam's hands.I felt his finger gently lubricate my virgin
hole. Then his thick shaft of prime manmeat
replaced his finger. I pushed down until I had
all of him inside me. His massive cock skewered
my chute. I bit my lip to stop from yelling out.
After a minute I started to get used to the alien
feeling of Adam's big penis bloating my bowels.Then he started to move, tentative thrusts at
first. He picked up the rhythm and I moved under
him. My own dick swelled in response to the
intimacy of the fucking. Then his knob hit my
love-nut and I was in paradise.How long it took, I don't know. But then he
whispered: "I'm gonna blow".I felt his penis swell inside me and squirt load
after load of hot, wet man-seed into my rectum.
At the same time my old-fella joined in and the
sensation when I came was the best, ever.Adam lay on top of me. The warmth of his young
body and the tender kisses he bestowed on the
nape of my neck were bonuses. When he eventually
pulled out of me we both got dressed again in
silence. We hugged and then broke off."I'd better finish my chores", Adam said."I'll be over for dinner tomorrow" I promised.He turned to go but then looked back."Seth, will you ever want to do - you know, what
we did, with me again?""We will fuck the arse off each other, every
chance we get", I promised.Adam grinned at my crude words and waved. I waved
back and watched him walk down the farm track. I
was still watching long after he had disappeared
from sight.Fiction from unclegreg_1999 (at) yahoo.com
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